• Image of R.A.S. POSSE - Riddem And Soul EP Vol.1 (LIMITED 12" VINYL OF 100)

R.A.S. Posse aka "R.iddem A.nd S.oul" are the inovative collaboration of American rapper/underground producer Soul Gee (Chuck D, Das EFX etc...) and Panamanian reggae rapper Bigga Don who founded the group in Brooklyn NYC.
R.A.S. Posse had a very significant role in the movie House Party 3 and the careers of fellow LaFace Records label mates TLC, Ex Managers Steve Stoute and Kid (Kid n Play), Boyz 2 Men, Usher, OutKast, L.A. Reid etc....
R.A.S. Posse's previously unreleased raw Brooklyn style Album will take you back to the 90´s. Then the explosively revealing insider stories of LaFace Records in the 90s and the Industry corruption will finally be exposed!

This is EP Vol.1 of there previously unreleased Album on a green colored 12" Vinyl limited to 100.

Side A

1. You Are No Different From Me feat. Robbie Irie
2. Competition
3. Hey Little Girl feat. Robbie Irie

Side B

4. Riddem And Soul
5. Mind Your Business
6. Well Run Dry feat. Robbie Irie





1 - 3 VINYL : $11

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